Tennesseans are working toward the goal of equipping 55 percent of the state’s citizens with a college degree or certificate by 2025.

As part of that effort, Complete Tennessee is advocating for increased post-secondary access and completion.  We believe every Tennessean deserves the chance to earn a degree that will open the doors to increased economic mobility, enhanced community engagement
and a better quality of life. 

Tennessee has a massive college completion challenge,
and each region of the state faces unique barriers to student success.

Our latest report details feedback garnered during our 2017 State of Higher Education in Tennessee Listening Tour.  Read more about the college completion challenges unique to each region in Room To Grow: Regional Perspectives on Higher Education Improvement

Click here to read more about the statewide challenges and opportunities surrounding Tennessee higher education in our inaugural report, Room To Grow: The State of Higher Education in Tennessee.

Our Vision

Every Tennessean has the opportunity to earn a postsecondary degree that leads to increased economic mobility, community engagement and quality of life.

Our Mission

Complete Tennessee advocates for students and communities by supporting increased postsecondary access and completion.

Our Goal

Tennessee reaches at least 55 percent postsecondary access and completion.